Angelo, Canada’s glassblower extraordinaire is music for the eyes!

Watch as he creates colourful masterpieces from glass rods and intense heat. The studio at the Skylon Tower features a viewing area where you can watch Angelo work his magic. Angelo, the founder of the original Rossi Glass from Cornwall has created commissioned works for: Bare Naked Ladies, Sir Elton John, James Cameron, Jane Fonda, Sidney Poitier, Jimmy Buffet, Carol Burnett… and many others.

Each piece receives his full signature with a certificate of authenticity as Angelo is an elite glassblower and his pieces are sought after collectibles. Beware of others using the Rossi name for glass, his galleria and studio is at one location only, the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls on the main level. He does not supply or work out of other locations.

Imagine working with a world-renowned glassblower!

The Angelo Rossi Galleria is that chance. For $300 you will experience one hour of glassblowing with Angelo guiding you along the way (time permitting). You have the choice of making a bear, elephant, paperweight or flower that is yours to sign and take home with you after it’s been tempered.

Kids 7 years of age and older! For $20 you can have the experience of a lifetime blowing a glass balloon (time permitting).

Immortalize your loved one forever with Angelo’s artistic ashes in glass. Choose from an array of designs or supply an idea of your own to have your loved one’s ashes in a beautiful one of a kind glass sculpture.